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Post-Op Care for Your Pet

About Your Pet's Recovery

Leash walking is recommended. Do not bathe your dog or cat for two weeks after surgery.


The male dog has the same incision as the female; however, it is located at the base of the penis. RESTRICT YOUR MALE DOG'S ACTIVITIES FOR 10 DAYS FOLLOWING SURGERY. only outside to go potty on a leash, then back in.

The male cat's incisions are on each testicle and require no suture or glue on the outside of the skin.

Females in heat must recover separately from un-neutered males for 7 to 10 days.

Full for August taking Sept/Oct taking appt on Aug 15 on until full see other clinics if full

Your pet has undergone a surgical sterilization procedure. We recommend the following post-op instructions to help your pet recover safely.

Please keep your pet indoors for at least 24 to 48 hours after surgery.  The anesthetic and pain medication is still in their system and they need to be monitored carefully to control temperature. DOGS POTTY ON A LEASH

Anesthesia can cause  vomiting; however, small amounts of food and water should be given the first day. Slowly increase the amount over the next few days until your pet is eating normally.


The incision of your female dog or cat is located on the middle of the abdomen. The suture is buried under the skin and the incision is sealed together with surgical "super glue." The suture will dissolve under the skin and does not require removal.  Restrict activity for 10 days after surgery.